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Beacon on Bank St also serves as a resource for church leadership by supplying Christ-centered mental health resources, either directly to those in need in the form of training to the churches care staff. We offer services to church partners directly to help them with their own congregations. These offerings include Christ-centered Mental Health Counseling, Group Counseling and Ministry Staff Training.

Christ-Centered Mental Health Counseling

“I am in over my head”
At times, Pastors feel overwhelmed by the needs of their congregation, either from the sheer number or complexity of the problems presented, which might include addiction, depression, anxiety, anger, grief, or resistant marital problems. We are available to your church to assist with these more difficult issues. Our highly trained staff, conversant in both counseling psychology and Biblical truth (including pastoral experience) can assist leadership with the more difficult counseling cases.

Group Education and Counseling

Addressing widespread problems
Churches often have a special concern for persistent and widespread issues in their congregation and/or community, e.g. addiction, grief, mental health (anxiety, depression), suicide, to name a just few.  We have provided expertise in these areas to churches for the purpose of congregational well-being or community outreach. We have then provided staff for mid-week group sessions at the church building designed to follow-up on those with a greater need and interest. We also provide staff for group sessions on-site at the church with the option for follow up. These services—as with all our services—are provided to the church on a donation basis.

Ministry Staff Training

Training the Helper
For some churches, the backbone of ministry is provided by those gifted to care for the practical and emotional needs of the members. These servants benefit from both Biblical and basic clinical information.  Ministry Staff Training equips the Deacons/Caregivers with education in (1) Helper Formation – basic skills, self-awareness and resiliency, and (2) Basic Clinical Knowledge - the ability to recognize and assist with basic personal and psychological problems. We are prepared to teach any of these topics to your ministry staff to improve their effectiveness as frontline caregivers to the congregation. Ministry Staff Training topics are available upon request.

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